Jaton Racing was founded in 2007 in Vilanova del Vallès (Barcelona).


It’s a company specialized in design, development and manufacture of high performance vehicles for cross country, raid and tactical use.


It also offers comprehensive services including the rental and maintenance of competition vehicles, logistics and sport management worldwide, as well as training in different types of driving.


Since 2007 we have prepared more than 300 vehicles for competition and offered service in competitions in the five continents. We want to highlight the Dakar Rally of Africa and Latin America, the Morocco International Rally, the Italy Rally, the Silkway Rally, the Great Rally of China, the FIA Cross Country World Championship, the 100 California Rally, the Finke Desert Race of Australia, among others.


We have a technical team to innovate and develop consantly. We use 3D design and new technologies applied to the manufacture of autoparts and identify the best materials and supplies for our vehicles. We are pioneers in the design and development of the first and only 100% electric vehicle that has participated and finished the Dakar Rally.


Jaton Racing has dominated over the years the T2 and T3 categories (ultralight) in the most extreme competitions worldwide.


Offer a high level of products and services thoughout the world, thourg a highly qualified and technical team to participate in different stages of sports competition, for tactical and military use, with constant motivation.